FAQ's and Warnings


0. Will iGage Weatherproof Paper work on my printer with my ink?
We don't know.

There is a good chance our paper will work great. There is a small chance that your ink will not dry or will smear. Some ink formulations just don't work well. Sometimes this can be mediated by using a color profile which does not overload black ink on the paper. We use Epson UltraChrome K3 pigmented inks and they are fantastic.


If in doubt please purchase a sample pack: [ Samples ]


1. What weight is the paper?  Two thicknesses are available 8-mil and 10-mil. The 10-mil paper is comparable to 24# bond.
- 10 mil: 10 mil +/-0.7 mil, 254 uM gauge, 167 gram/M2, 4.94 oz/Y2 basis, 108 lbs/(500 25"x38" sheets) basis
-   8 mil:  8 mil +/-0.7 mil, 203 uM gauge, 134 gram/M2, 3.84 oz/Y2 basis,   88 lbs/(500 25"x38" sheets) basis
All roll material is 10 mill.

2. Are colors available? No, only white is available.

3. Is one side better than the other? No, in fact we usually can not tell one side from the other. On very careful inspection, one side may be slightly smoother than the other.

4. Can you mark on the paper with highlight pens? Yes, whiteboard pens, felt tip pens, ball point pens, gas charged write-anywhere pens, inexpensive pens and expensive pens all work well. (Gas charged write anywhere pens work best underwater.) But be warned almost any ink will be indelible on this synthetic paper.

5. Is the paper UV resistant? The paper is UV resistant, and toner based printing and pigmented ink will likely be very UV resistant. Ink jet inks typically are not UV resistant and will fade normally in sunshine. Black ink lasts the longest, yellow ink has the shortest life. If you need UV resistant results, you must use UV resistant ink/toner. We highly recommend Epson K3 pigmented inks.

6. Is rolled stock available? Yes we currently stock 24, 30 and 36 inch wide x 100 foot long rolls on 2 inch cores. Other sizes are available on special order.

7. How tear resistant is WP Paper? It tears more easily along the 'grain'. It is difficult to get started, but once a tear begins, the paper will rip easily. If you are concerned about ripping the paper, please request some [ sample sheets ] to test.

8. Does the paper work with all inks? No. Some inks are not absorbed by the paper and can almost be shaken off. Most inks  work well with the printer set to 'plain paper.' It is best to get some [ sample sheets ] from us to make sure your printer and ink combination will work well.

9. How should I configure my printer? We set ours to 'plain paper'. Selecting 'Coated Paper' will result in extra ink being placed on the paper which may not be fully absorbed.

10. Can I purchase bulk quantities? Yes, all of the sizes are available in unbranded bulk packaging. MegaPacks of 500 sheets or 4-rolls are available at greatly reduced prices directly from our web site. We consider orders of more than 4,000 sheets to be bulk quantities. Please call for pricing.

11. Can I get custom cut sizes? Yes we can cut to any size with one edge less than 50", however we will need at least two weeks advance notice. If your custom cut size can not be efficiently cut from our master rolls, we will attempt to run your order with our standard sizes to minimize waste which will save you lots of money. You must call for a price quote which will take up to 48 hours to complete and you must typically purchase a full mill-roll of paper. (That is a lot!)

Custom roll sizes and core sizes can also be produced, there is typically a 100 to 200 roll minimum.

12. Can I use a spray fix? Yes, we have successfully used several common spray fix products. Most applications won't be enhanced much by the additional processing.

13. Does iGage Weatherproof Paper work in HP Indigo presses?  Yes, this paper is a fantastic substrate for Indigo printing.

Weatherproof Printing Tips

Ink Jet Tips

-iGage Weatherproof Paper can only absorb so much ink.  Setting the ink past  ‘normal’ or ‘normal paper’ will only leave ink on the surface that will rinse off when exposed to water.

-Not all Ink Jet inks are created equal, especially ‘generic’ inks.  Not all ink will bond to this material.

-Pigment based inks usually work well.  We have found that some HP black inks use a larger pigment than others and can not always be absorbed into the material. This results in some of the black color washing or rubbing off.

Laser Printer Tips

-iGage Weatherproof Paper is a plastic.  It will melt at some point.  We discourage using it in high speed or commercial laser printers as they operate at a very high temperature.

-Setting your Laser Printer to the ‘Transparency’ setting is a great way to limit the fuser temperature.

Offset Printing

-iGage Weatherproof Paper works great with offset printing.  We do not know of any issues or concerns at this time.


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