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We hope that you will find our weatherproof paper to be exactly what you are looking for at a fantastic price. But we realize that our paper may not be the best solution for your printing needs. These links to competing products may help you find just what you are looking for.

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---- Solution II

Product Description:
Solution II® is a white, opaque, polyester substrate with a surface coating formulation that allows it to accept monochrome and color laser imaging.

Solution II® can also make high quality copies when used in black and white or color plain paper copiers. Solution II® is tear-proof, heat stable, moisture-proof, soil-resistant and dust free.

Global Sourcing Solutions, Inc.

---- Aquascribe 
PO Box 50
Newark, Notts
NG23 5GY 
Tel: 44+ (0)1949 843917
Fax: 44+ (0)1949 844051

Waterproof notebooks, labels and paper. United Kingdom

--- Teslin (PPG) 

The porous nature of Teslin sheet renders the sheet highly absorptive, allowing inks to set almost instantly. Inks penetrate the surface and anchor themselves in the sheet's structure, yielding superb print definition and pigment holdout.

--- Rite in the Rain

J. L. Darling Corp
2614 Pacific Hwy E
Tacoma WA 98424

"Rite in the Rain" is a truly amazing paper that is created specifically for writing field notes in all weather conditions; from the torrential downpours of the Pacific Northwest to the blistering heat and humidity of a Florida summer's day.

--- HP

Hewlett Packard Q1298A LJ Satin Finish Tough Paper

Waterproof and tear-proof, this paper is virtually indestructible.
Ideal for signage, maps, menus, manuals, and other applications where durability and weather resistance are key.
Retains rich, vibrant print color and clarity when exposed to the weather.
Two-sided satin finish enables duplexing.
5-mil thickness.
Designed to work together with HP color and monochrome LaserJet printers for optimum output and reliability.

    Approximate Price: 50 letter sheets = $27.25


--- Graytex Papers 

Power Paper

“Power Paper” is the ideal synthetic paper for many applications because of its combination of extraordinary durability and exceptional print capability. It is a tough, waterproof paper used for laminated cards, tags, labels, maps, menus, and outdoor signs and has a 10-year track record making security documents.

Approximate Price: 50 letter sheets = $48.95


Ruff N Tuff Paper 

Safeguard your important documents on a durable paper that is indistinguishable from normal fiber-based paper. This non-tear paper is uncoated and does not feel like plastic. It is tear-resistant, grease-resistant and water-resistant.


150 Sheets

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Xerox PhaserTM Weatherproof Paper
Phaser weatherproof paper is rugged, durable and surprisingly beautiful. It's at home in the elements or on your office bulletin board. Engineered and rigorously performance tested with Xerox Phaser printers, our weatherproof paper delivers superior print quality and reliable performance every time. This unique paper is perfect for maps, outdoor signage, placemats, manuals or anything with multiple users or a long intended life. 

  • Resistant to tearing and moisture 

  • Accommodates writing when wet 

  • Accepts pen or pencil, also writing/erasing with pencil 

  • Foldable and lightweight 

  • Looks and feels like paper; no plastic feel 

  • Compatible with a variety of converting processes, including die cutting, folding and micro-perforating 

  • 27 lb., 100 gsm 

P O Box 15780
Seattle, WA 98115-0780
Phone 888.791.9590, 206.522.3257
Fax 800.283.9555, 206.524.4014

100770 Waterproof White 10 mil Film
Printable both sides, this synthetic non-adhesive plastic paper material is excellent for waterproof and underwater maps, instructions, outdoor survey, note books, clothing care labels or other applications requiring a waterproof film where laser printing needs to be stable while wet. The caliper is .010" and the sheets are very flexible. 100770 resists tearing in the long direction more than the short direction. Many desktop black and white (HP 4000, 4050, 4100) and some color desktop lasers (HP 8500/8550 and other "cold" color lasers) are compatible with 100770. 

Laser 100750 Waterproof Copy Paper 20 lb.
Print quality on either side is excellent. Bright white impregnated non-adhesive paper for black and white and color laser printers. Resists water. Used outdoors in wet environs. Fast feed from lower tray in Plain Paper mode in most printers for excellent results. Great for maps, etc. For underwater use, see 100760 Waterproof Copy Film 28 lb. See bottom of page for die-cutting/perforation options.

--- Terra Slate


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