iGage Weatherproof Paper

Now available in 200' - 3" core - 24" width rolls!

iGage Weatherproof Paper is excellent for extreme outdoor, marine and field use. 

  • Puncture resistant

  • Tear resistant

  • Professional Print Quality

  • Printable & Waterproof on  both sides

  • Inkjet printable

  • Laser printable

  • Tamper-evident secure

  • bonds with toners, inks, adhesives and laminating film

  • Foldable

  • Glueable

  • Easily Embossed

  • Can be laminated

  • Annotate with ink, felt tip or highlighter pens

  • Use in most copiers

  • Most inks dry quickly

It is possible to write on Weatherproof Paper underwater with a standard ink pen (gas charged, write-anywhere pens even work upside-down-underwater.)

iGage Weatherproof Paper is a synthetic film. The base film is porous and inherently has excellent ink absorption characteristics; the film is coated to optimize standard inkjet penetration and toner bonding. Ink and toner are tightly bonded to the sheet resulting in excellent pigmentation, color saturation and image definition.

Letter (8.5"x11") and Tabloid (11"x17") are available in 8-mil or 10-mil thickness. HPExtra (13"x19") and rolls are available in 10-mil thickness

10-mil thickness

original thickness

more durable

heavy duty

longer lasting

better with 'hot' laser printers

8-mil thickness

lighter weight

more foldable

~20% less expensive

less bulk

Since iGage Weatherproof Paper is waterproof, it is an excellent base for maps, signs, hunting permits, banners, product labels and barcode labels. The material does not peal so it is not necessary to seal edges or laminate printed pieces. This paper is perfect for building custom water bottle labels.

Weatherproof Paper provides a rich secure base for handwritten notes. Pens, highlighters, whiteboard markers, permanent markers and color markers all make permanent, indelible annotations. With a gas-charged space pen, you can even write upside-down underwater.

iGage Weatherproof Paper is excellent for these applications
3 Ring Bound Products
Advertising Displays
Book Sleeves
Certificates Of Serial Numbers
Driver Logbooks
Electrical Diagrams
Equipment Labels
Golf Score Cards
Water Bottle Labels
Greeting Cards
Horticultural Nursery Tags
ID tags for concerts and Labels
Trade Show Displays
Training Manuals
Underwater Fish Tags
Lumber Tags and Barcodes
Maps and Charts
Medical Charts and Assisted Language Devices
Order Forms
Outdoor Television and Film Production Notes
Parking Permits
Place Mats
Planting Instructions
Presentation Folders
Sale Tags

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